Mini Valet
  • This is a basic but very effective wash that will still transform the look of your vehicle, using only the very best non acidic products available.
  • Using APC and Snowfoam to remove dirt and grime from the vehicle.
  • Wheels cleaned with specialist alloy wheel cleaner.
  • Vehicle washed with a PH neutral shampoo (2 bucket method).
  • Vehicle is then dried using specialist towels.
  • Interior is hoovered, dashboard and plastics cleaned and dressed.
  • Glass cleaned inside and out.
  • Tyres dressed
Wash and Wax
  • Mini Valet plus
  • A Carnauba wax is used to protect the clean paintwork and add a glossy protective shine.
Wash, Polish and Wax
  • Mini Valet plus
  • High gloss hand polish
  • Ceramic infused hybrid wax (6 month protection)
  • This service removes all road contaminates from the vehicles paint, leaving the paint completely clean, smooth and contaminate free. A highly recommended service before machine polishing.
  • Mini Valet plus
  • Iron fallout remover
  • Tar, glue and tree sap remover
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Ceramic infused hybrid wax (6 months protection)
Interior Deep Clean
from 65
  • This is where you spend most of your time in your car so why not make it look it's best. This service is a great solution for removing dog hair, bad smells and stains.
  • Carpets and floor mats hoovered.
  • Cloth seats, Carpets and floor mats washed and shampooed.
  • Leather seats cleaned and protected.
  • Plastics and kick panels cleaned and dressed.
  • Dashboard dusted, cleaned and dressed.
Winter Protection
from £90
  • This service is great to protect your vehicle from the harsh wet weather conditions by added multiple long lasting layers of protection.
  • Decontamination plus
  • Wheel armor coating
  • Window Si02 sealant
  • Si02 sealant (6-8 months protection)
  • *A deep shine polish can be added for an extra £15
Full Valet
  • Wash, Polish and Wax Service plus
  • Interior detail
  • *Leather upholstery and seats are cleaned, conditioned and protected.
Return to Lease Clean
  • Decontamination plus
  • Interior detail
  • *Machine polishing can be added to remove most scratches and imperfections at an additional cost.
Headlight Restore
  • Due to weathering and heat from the bulbs, the headlights can corrode and become discoloured, dull and cloudy.
  • This can effect your vision and safety when driving at night and can even fail on a MOT test. With the high cost of headlight replacements a headlight restoration is a more popular and cost effective choice.
  • In less then a hour we can bring your headlights back to a brand new, crystal clear finish that will last.
Steam Cleaning
from £40
  • Steam cleaning kills 99.9 percent of bacteria, germs and dust mites. This includes E. coli, Staph bacteria, Salmonella and other micro-organisms, surface molds, bacteria and viruses.
  • As an added advantage, steam doesn't just disinfect, it cleans too. Removing dirt, loosening stains and powering through grime and grease with minimal effort.
  • This is safe to use on all surfaces and with no use of harmful chemicals.
Leather Protection
  • If your vehicle has leather seats that look tired, dirty or generally in bad condition. This service can fully restore the condition and appearance of your seats and interior.
  • The leather is deep cleaned using leather safe products followed by a restoring protection balm.
  • This will leave your seats soft, fresh and completely transformed.
New Car Detail
from 175
  • Decontamination plus
  • Machine polishing using an all in 1 polish to remove light scratches in the paint left by manufacturers and car show rooms.
  • *Ceramic coating can be added at additional cost, This can take a few days to complete, viewing of the vehicle before hand is highly recommended.
Colour Restore
  • Decontamination plus
  • Machine polishing with a stage 1 cutting polish
  • This is used to remove most scratches in the clear coat of your paint. This can also remove paint fade, mainly found on red vehicles while at the same time adding a deep shine.
  • *This can take a few days to complete, viewing of the vehicle before hand is highly recommended.
Deluxe Detail
from £280
  • Decontamination plus
  • Stage 1 & 2 (Cutting and finishing polish) machine polishing paint correction to remove most scratches and paint fade using a machine polisher. A finishing polish is the last stage to a near perfect paint finish with a deep, glossy wet look.
  • *This can take a few days to complete, viewing of the vehicle before hand is highly recommended.
Hydrophobic and Ceramic Coating
  • Ceramic coatings form a bond with glass and paint to create a layer that water will not bond with. Treated glass and ceramic surfaces repel dirt and water making a long lasting layer of protection.
  • Body, windows, wheels and interior can be fully protected with 2 to 5 years of protection. This can take a few days to complete, viewing of the vehicle before hand is highly recommended.
  • contact us for a full quote.